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Getting Married Abroad

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So…you have the ring and you and your fiance have started to plan for the most important day of your lives. You both want something different for your wedding and you’re not alone! Many couples are now choosing to get married in tropical places like Hawaii or Barbados while other couples are saying their vows in exotic… Continue reading →

Toronto here I come…..home again.

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For those of you who don’t know me well, I’m Canadian. I was born and raised in the GTA and I’ve always been a very proud Canadian lady!

About 5 years ago I met and married a wonderful man who happened to be British. We have been living between England and Canada for the past… Continue reading →

Second marriages…

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Hi all!

I just wanted to share with you another fabulous wedding I did in Spalding England a couple of weeks ago. The bride was a lovely english lady who wasn’t your typical 20-something bride.

Our trial was done a couple of months ago and we got along famously. Val (the bride and a head master teacher!)… Continue reading →

Engagement Events

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I seem to receiving quite a few requests to do makeovers for newly engaged couples so I thought I would share some useful information for those who are planning an engagement event. The trend right now is to celebrate an engagement with a party or some type of special event. This usually involves a professional photographer with… Continue reading →

A fun wedding!

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I thought I would share with you a really fun wedding I did last weekend. The bride, originally from China, the groom, a charming Italian from San Fransico, the bridesmaid from Australia and the mother of the groom from San Diego! The whole wedding party flew in from all the over the world and met in Cambridge… Continue reading →

Airbrush Application ~ What’s the scoop?

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This is a question I get asked a lot – what is airbrushing? When you hear a makeup artist say they carry out “airbrushing” for weddings, this means they apply foundation onto your skin using an airbrush that is powered by a compressor.

Airbrush is an art in itself. It doesn’t hurt, it… Continue reading →

2009 Fall/Winter Bridal Makeup Trends

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Skin, skin, skin…..2009 is all about glowing skin! A bride’s skin should look natural and soft allowing her own beauty to shine through. Brides almost always ask me for a natural look for their wedding day and the best way to achieve this look is by taking care of your skin beforehand. This way… Continue reading →

The Advantages to Hiring a Professional Makeup Artist for your Wedding Day

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I have worked with hundreds of brides during my career and the one thing that remains common is they all want to look their best on their wedding day. So often a bride plans every detail of her wedding months and sometimes years in advance, from… Continue reading →

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