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The Top 5 Bride Worthy Waterproof Mascaras

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I’m what you might call a mascara whore!¬† ūüėõ I absolutely adore¬†mascara and have tried¬†many different brands over the years. ¬†Today I’m sharing with my soon-to-be-brides my top 5 bride worthy waterproof mascaras. ¬†I won’t get into why waterproof mascara is important on your wedding because… Continue reading →

How To Choose The Perfect Rose Lip Shade For Your Wedding Day

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Rose Quartz is THE colour of the year.

If you’ve been reading my blog regularly I did warn you that you’d be hearing a lot about this colour in 2016 as it’s going to be everywhere. ¬†This colour works well for my clients. ¬†I think… Continue reading →

The Top 6 MAC Lip Colours In My Bridal Kit

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Truth is, I only carry a few¬†MAC products in my kit and it’s only because some of my clientele want to see them. ¬†They like the idea of their makeup artist carrying around a brand they recognize.¬† I like some of MAC’s products very much but… Continue reading →

Large Over The Top False Lashes, A Wedding Beauty Faux Pas

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There are some trends from 2015 that I hope die a painful death in 2016! ¬†Brides wearing large over the top false lashes is the one trend that must go away and never return. ¬†If I see one more bride in one more bridal blog with huge… Continue reading →

The 1 Question I Wish More Brides Would Ask Me

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Questions I wish my brides would ask me

Photography by The Odd Sparrow

Out of all the lovely brides I’ve worked with over the years I can name only a handful that ever asked me this question….“Does the makeup and hair style I want actually suit me?”

Oh how I wish more brides asked this question!¬†… Continue reading →

Vicki’s Bridal Makeup & Hair Predictions for 2016

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2016 bridal fashion, makeup and hair¬†trends are out! ¬†They’ve been shown¬†on the spring/summer bridal runways recently and ¬†I took some time and put together my bridal makeup and hair predictions for next year. There are some great ideas here and I can see these fitting well… Continue reading →

The #1 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Friend Do Your Wedding Makeup

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If you read this blog on a regular basis¬†you’ll know that I tell you the facts straight up based on my experience in the wedding industry.

#1 reason why you shouldn't let your friend do your wedding makeup

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We all have one of ‘those’ friends that always looks like a million bucks everytime… Continue reading →

Makeup Ideas For Destination Brides

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Last month we covered How to choose the best makeup artist for your destination wedding¬†and the Best bridal hairstyles for destination brides. ¬†Today we’re all about makeup ideas for you lucky destination brides. ¬†Some things to keep in mind when choosing your perfect destination wedding makeup look:

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