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10 Inspirational Ways to Wear Red Lipstick at Your Wedding

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Red lipstick has been making a comeback in the last couple of years and it’s on trend again for 2016.  I know lots of brides are a little nervous about wearing red lipstick on their wedding day and I get that – it’s a real commitment and you need… Continue reading →

Ponytail and Pigtail Wedding Hair Ideas

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Gone are the days of wearing pigtails and ponytails the old fashioned way.  In 2016 the traditional ponytail and pigtail take on a whole new look from textured, bohemian styles to high fashion elegant styles. There seems to be something for everyone and a perfect way to incorporate this idea into your own… Continue reading →

The Demise of Classic Pretty Wedding Makeup

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Scary thought isn’t it?  “The demise of classic pretty wedding makeup.”  Why would I make such a statement?  Because it’s happening every weekend to hundreds of brides all over the world.

Let me first say….I love trends in fashion, makeup and hair and if you read my blog regularly you’ll… Continue reading →

Temporary Tattoos For Brides – A Bridal Trend To Watch For!

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Thinking you might like a new tattoo for the big day?  Temporary tattoos are a big trend for brides this year!

I remember as a child buying temporary tattoos, going to birthday parties with my friends and spending hours sticking tattoos on our arms and legs and admiring… Continue reading →

18 Practical Bridal Hairstyles With Wedding Veils

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I find many of my brides find it difficult to pick the type of hairstyle they want on their big day but when you add in a veil…well it becomes a whole new challenge to work through.  Today’s post is for those brides who really love the traditional look of a wedding… Continue reading →

Wedding Makeup Looks for Green Eyes

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Did you know that only 2% of the world’s population have green eyes?

Well, it’s true!  So if you’re one of those lucky brides who was born with green eyes, you are a rarity indeed! Anytime I have a client in my chair with green eyes I’m always in awe of their beauty.… Continue reading →

Wedding Fashion Accessory Trends for 2015

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Perfect for the bride who loves fashion accessories…

It’s the little things that often make the biggest impressions.  Matching the right accessory with your chosen wedding style takes some imagination and a keen eye.  Today we’re covering the 2015 wedding fashion accessory trends.  We scoured the 2015 fashion runways and put… Continue reading →

Best Long Wearing Lip Stain for Brides: Chanel Wins

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best long wearing lip stain for brides

Chanel Rouge Double Intensity Ultra Wear Lip Colour in Darling Pink

I, like many a makeup artist have got a few makeup addictions.  They say the first step is to admit it!  😉

So, one of my big makeup addictions is lipstick and long wearing lip stains.  I’m… Continue reading →

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