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Destination Wedding Makeup and Hair Inspiration

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How lucky are you to be having a destination wedding?!  I say very lucky indeed especially if that destination is somewhere sunny and warm.  😎 The weather here in Toronto right now is cold and dreary so the thought of sunshine and warmth makes me feel oh…..I don’t know…..kind of warm… Continue reading →

How to Choose the Best Makeup Artist for your Destination Wedding

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5 easy steps in finding the best makeup artist for your destination wedding….

destination wedding makeup

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1.  Ask and you shall receive!

The absolute best way to find the right makeup artist for your destination wedding is to ask others for recommendations.  Ask friends, family members and… Continue reading →

Best Bridal Hairstyles for Destination Weddings

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Choosing the best hairstyle for your destination wedding takes planning and good old common sense.

Tis the season for all you fortunate lucky ladies who are getting married somewhere warm and tropical in the next couple of months.  Oh how I envy you.  Did I mention you’re lucky?  Here in… Continue reading →

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