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Vicki’s Bridal Makeup & Hair Predictions for 2016

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2016 bridal fashion, makeup and hair trends are out!  They’ve been shown on the spring/summer bridal runways recently and  I took some time and put together my bridal makeup and hair predictions for next year. There are some great ideas here and I can see these fitting well… Continue reading →

14 Bride Hairstyle Ideas Using Extensions

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If you are one of those few brides that are naturally blessed with thick, long, beautiful hair then consider yourself very lucky!  For the rest of you who are ‘hair challenged” and you know who you are (I include myself in this category too because for whatever reason I wasn’t blessed… Continue reading →

20 Gorgeous Bridal Hair Comb Ideas

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Bridal hair combs….ohhhh!  The ideas are endless.

Are you searching for the perfect bridal hair comb for your wedding day?  Have you figured out what hairstyle you’ll be wearing on your wedding day yet? Then this post should be very helpful for you.  The best thing about wearing a decorative… Continue reading →

5 Wedding Day Tips for Looking Amazing in Wedding Photos

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I’ve been in this business for many years and because I work with not only beautiful brides but also commercial and fashion clients where I’m on set for many hours on end,  I’ve learned a thing or two along the way about looking good on camera.  If you… Continue reading →

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