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Top 3 Most Used NARS Blushes For Vicki’s Brides

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NARS blushes are the granddaddy of all blushes, hands down.  They have an amazing full range of suitable colours (not one dud in the line) for anyone and any skin tone.  Personally, I carry nothing but NARS blushes now in my kit because they simply perform better than other… Continue reading →

Vicki Reveals Most Reliable Makeup Products Used On Brides

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The 2 most popular questions I get asked by my clients are…  1. What is your favourite makeup brand?  2. What are your favourite makeup products?  Globally we spend 170 billion dollars a year on beauty products!  20% of that 170 billion is spent on makeup… Continue reading →

A Little Marsala For The Bride?

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The colour of 2015 has been announced and it’s Marsala! the colour marsala

I actually really like this colour and can see it being used quite a lot in the new bridal season.  Like the wine it’s named after, I see the addition of this colour adding a level of elegance and sophistication to… Continue reading →

How to Wear Red Lipstick on Your Wedding Day – 5 Steps

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red-lips3-dolce-gabbana-spring-2015-runway makeupforlifedotnet

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Brides! Think you can’t wear red lipstick on your wedding day? Think again!

Many brides are apprehensive about wearing red lipstick on their wedding day but if your dream is to wear a red lip on your big day, here are the… Continue reading →

Beauty For Brides Top 5 Bridal Makeup Kit Picks for 2014

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1.  Nars Dual Intensity Eye Shadows 

Vicki's top bridal makeup kit picks for 2014

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NARS Dual Intensity Eye Shadows  I need more eye shadows in my makeup kit like I need a hole my head but hey, when something is special, I take notice and bring it on board!… Continue reading →

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