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The Day Before Your Wedding: 5 Must Do Beauty Tips

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The Brides Must Do Beauty Tips: 24 Hours Ahead of the Big Day!

1. Find Time For Yourself

It sounds simple right?  Trust me, it’s not.  You will actually need to schedule this time for yourself to simply relax and unwind.  Even if it’s… Continue reading →

How To Choose The Perfect Rose Lip Shade For Your Wedding Day

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Rose Quartz is THE colour of the year.

If you’ve been reading my blog regularly I did warn you that you’d be hearing a lot about this colour in 2016 as it’s going to be everywhere.  This colour works well for my clients.  I think… Continue reading →

The Best Strobing Technique & Products for Brides

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Strobing techniques and products for brides

image from Etsy

Stobing isn’t new.  I know in the YouTube and Instagram makeup artist world it’s become the new ‘catchphrase.’  But in the real world of makeup artistry, strobing has been around for a very very long time.  We just called it “hightlighting!”  🙂

Stobing/highlighting is something… Continue reading →

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