Booking 1 makeup artist for your wedding day can be stressful enough but how can you manage hiring 2 different makeup artists for your wedding day?  Before we get into how to manage this properly let’s touch base on why it would ever happen in the first place.

Here’s a typical scenario:  Makeup artist 1 is expensive but really good and you want her to do your makeup and perhaps your moms or maid of honours makeup too.  You just aren’t able to afford to pay for all your bridesmaids to have their makeup done by makeup artist #1 and you aren’t comfortable asking your bridesmaids to fork out that kind of money so you opt to hire makeup artist #2 for them.  (makeup artist #2 is also good but not as good or as experienced as makeup artist #1)

So what is the best way to manage this?  First and foremost, be sure that you hire 2 good makeup artists and not 1 very new junior artist and 1 very experienced senior artist.  You want to be sure that your makeup styles have a consistent flow throughout your bridal party.  (it matters in photos) In other words, you don’t want makeup artist #1 giving you and your mom/MOH soft fresh looking makeup while makeup artist #2 paints the girls up like they are heading out to a nightclub! 😛  A little common sense will go a long way here to ensuring you achieve success with both artists.

Toronto makeup artist Vicki Millar

Here are the 3 rules to successfully hire 2 different makeup artists for your wedding day:

  1.  Be transparent.  Be open and tell both artists what’s going on.  Explain the reason why you have hired 2 different makeup artists and what you expect from them moving forward.  I’ve worked with other artists throughout the years and quite honestly, I don’t mind it.  It gives me the opportunity to meet another artist I might not have met before and to do a little networking with someone new.  Why does transparency matter?  A few years ago, I was booked for a wedding where the bride and her mom hired me for their makeup and hair only and then hired other junior makeup artists for the rest of the bridal party.  (typical scenario from above took place)  When I arrived at the bride’s location I was rushed upstairs so that I wouldn’t make eye contact with the other artists although I knew I wasn’t the only one there.  I’m not stupid…right? 😐  I already knew the size of the wedding party and emailed the bride a previous quote including the entire wedding party yet I was only hired for 2 people instead of 14.  Um, give me some credit!  It was incredibly uncomfortable and absolutely unnecessary to keep everyone so hidden from each other.  Any professional vendor worth their salt is there to make the bride happy on her big day.  The last thing I would have done is to make the bride feel uncomfortable.  So the lesson to take away here is BE TRANSPARENT.  If your makeup artist(s) gives you a hard time about hiring other artists, pass.  There are plenty who won’t.  By the way, the difference in makeup really showed up in the photos!  So keep reading.
  2. Remember, it’s business, it’s not personal.  Successful bridal makeup artists run their own business.  We get disappointed and rejected more than you might think especially if we’ve been in business for any length of time.  If you choose to hire another artist as well as ourselves on your big day we will learn to live with it.  It’s not going to destroy us.  I promise.  It’s way more important to you than it is to us.  If you’re worried it might affect you in some way, see rule#1.
  3. Ask for referrals.  I’ve said it many times before, the wedding industry in most cities is smaller than you might think.  Many of us know each other.  If one of my assistants isn’t within your bridesmaids budget I may know someone else who is.  Maybe I heard of a new junior makeup artist who has just recently worked as an assistant to a senior makeup artist I know and I’ve heard she’s very good and affordable because she’s new to the industry.  I’m more than happy to share that information with you and so will many other professional makeup artists in the industry.  Karma is a real thing and when we help you out on your big day something good might just come our way!  😆

Are you struggling with this problem or have dealt with it before and want to shed some light on the topic? I’d love to hear from you.  Please do in the comment section below.