Every year I write a post right after the Oscar’s to cover my favourite inspiration for brides in the upcoming wedding season.

Truth is, I take this pretty seriously!  Many of my brides use celebrity hair and makeup images as inspiration for their own wedding makeup and hair plans/desires.  Once again the stage has been set this year!  I must say, I was a little uninspired with some of the makeup and hair choices last night.  Nothing really made me sit up and take notice.  I’m actually pretty funny to watch award shows with…or so I’ve been told.  I sit back relaxed with paper and pen in hand and when I see something I love, I sit straight up and start writing suddenly and fiercely as if I’m afraid I might miss one second of the beauty I just spotted  Although I was a little underwhelmed at times, I did find some beautiful looks that I think will translate well into this years wedding season.  Everyone has their own opinion…this is mine!  Enjoy!

Let’s start with Lupita Nyong’o.  I was taken in with her gorgeous blue Prada gown.  Her makeup was so lovely with that pop of coral/orange on her lips and what about that head band?  Take a simple short hairstyle like Lupita has and add a headband and voila!  You have some magic.

Kate Hudson always looks gorgeous at award ceremonies but last night she just looked beyond gorgeous.  Her beautiful gown was from Atelier Versace and was stunning.  The colour was perfect on her as well.  Her hair and makeup were perfection.  (well done to the team who put this together!)

Sandra Bullock wore a navy coloured Alexander McQueen gown.  Blue is a big colour for 2014 and I saw a lot of variations of blue last night but in my opinion Sandra had the most elegant blue out there.  Her makeup was soft with a lovely soft smokey eye.  Not a fan of the lip colour….yawn, soooo boring but overall I liked her makeup very much.  I also saw a lot of side swept curls last evening which makes me think this will be a big request for brides this year.

Maria Menounos wore a white Johanna Johnson gown that seriously could have been a wedding gown!  Talk about classic and elegant.  Again, we saw a soft smokey eye mixed with that boring old lip colour.  There are alternatives to a nude beige lip….I wish that with some of those smokey eyes of the evening we could have seen a little more soft/subtle pastel colours on the lips.  Nevetheless, she looked fantastic.  Her skin was lovely and glowing and her hair was spot on – a little bohemian, a little edgy but works well with this whole look.

Cate Blanchett wore an Armani Prive gown that in my opinion was the winner of the evening.  It was subtle in colour and if it were worn by any other light haired woman it may have washed them out but I think Cate can wear anything and wear it well.  Her makeup was perfect for bridal and although she wore a nude colour on her lips there was a hint of pink in there!  (whew…thank you for that!)  Her hair was slightly vintage and as usual she was the class act of the evening.

Charlize Theron wore a stunning black Christian Dior gown.  How gorgeous was this gown?  So pretty and let’s face it, she would look stunning wearing a paper bag over her head!  Charlize is proof that you can have a short hair style and still look glamorous in a gown.  Her makeup was natural for the most part but with a face like hers, why spoil it by hiding it with too much makeup?!

Looking forward to next year’s Oscar’s already!  If you liked this post you might like this one too!
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 About the author:  Vicki Millar is a multiple award winning bridal makeup artist and hair stylist based in Toronto Ontario Canada.  She specializes in bridal beauty.  To view Vicki’s work please see here:  Toronto Makeup Artist Vicki Millar 
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