Wedding day makeup requirements are very different than your everyday makeup requirements.  On your wedding day the last thing you need to be worrying about is your makeup melting off your face or disappearing completely in a couple of hours.  Over the years, as I’m sure you can appreciate I’ve tested and tried out dozens of makeup setting sprays.  In all honesty, there is no perfect “my makeup will never move ever again” setting spray on the market.  There just isn’t.  It’s all about having well balanced skin then prepping that skin properly and then layering high quality, high pigmented makeup which makes the difference between makeup that stays for a couple of hours to makeup that stays put for 8 – 15 hours.  A good setting spray can take a well prepped makeup application and give it that boost to last several hours. Once I’ve worked my magic on my brides, these are the makeup setting sprays I use based on skin texture and type.  You ‘ll find these in my kit, always.

Best Setting Spray for Brides with Oily Skin

I use a light weight moisturizer and a matte finish foundation.  I love using MAC blot powder (pressed or loose applied using with an old fashioned powder puff) to ‘set’ the makeup prior to spraying De Slick on.  On average my brides get a minimum of 4-5 hours of matte staying power before they need to blot or re-powder once we’ve applied Urban Decay De Slick.

best setting spray for brides withi oily skin

Final Seal from Ben Nye has been a staple in my pro kit for years.  I mean, years!!!  😎 It just works.  It’s what I call a little bit of magic in a bottle.  Set your skin with a good finishing powder. Close your eyes and spray.  This product is alcohol based and has a very strong mint smell. It smells a little like mouthwash.  It needs several minutes to dry and will feel a little sticky until it’s bone dry on your face.  It’s sweat resistant and cry proof if you blot rather than wipe your tears.  One of my favourite setting sprays of all time!  🙂

Ben Nye Final Seal for Brides who need makeup longevity

I learned about Blue Marble setting spray from a makeup artist/colleague/friend of mine.  It’s water based so it’s definitely gentler than the Ben Nye Final Seal Spray.  That makes it a great alternative to brides with sensitive skin issues.  It’s a pro product and not well known outside the professional industry but this stuff really works!  Spray onto your face after you’ve set your makeup with a high quality setting powder.

Best water based makeup sealer for brides

I love to use Make Up Forever Mist and Fix setting spray on my beauty blender while applying foundation or any cream products, including cream blushes.  I then set the final look with a few more squirts onto my brides face.  This has good staying power but I wouldn’t say it gives the same longevity as Ben Nye Final Seal or Blue Marble but if you’re having a cocktail or late afternoon wedding this is a great option.  Average staying power for most of my brides, when used as described above is about 8 hours.



Best Setting Spray for Brides with Dry Skin

Urban Decay All Nighter is a good option for my brides who have dry skin, are mature and who are having an evening wedding where they need their makeup to stay put for about 6-8 hours.  I find it gives my more mature brides a light dewy finish to their dry skin with decent longevity.

best makeup setting spray for dry skin

For around $10.00 CDN this product is a great little find!  Very good staying power and it does what it says it will.  It gives skin a lovely dewy finish.  So for any of my brides who claim they love a ‘dewy’ finish and hate matte looking skin, I always reach for this NYX Dewy Finish setting spray.  I’ve found for the price it’s an excellent product and rivals many of the top specific pro brands.


great setting spray for brides with dry skin


Best Setting Spray for Brides with Combination Skin

This is a strange little product!  I’m a huge fan of Face Atelier products.  Always have been, probably always will be.  Their silicone foundation has been a staple in my kit for as long as I can remember.  I did a lot of research on this product before purchasing and testing it out.  I would not say it mattes the skin completely but it’s fabulous for brides with combination skin. i.e. a little dry and a little oily.  I spray Face Atelier Ultra Matte on prior to applying makeup.  It needs a good 10 minutes to soak into the skin.  If you don’t let it sit on the skin to absorb properly you’ll defeat it’s purprose.  I apply a silicone based foundation on top, finish the makeup off with a good quality setting powder and then spray this on one more time.  Again, I let it dry completely which takes several minutes.  It will provide approximately 10 hours of staying power on combination skin.


Blue Marble setting spray makes it into 2 of my skin categories.  It’s a great option for either oily or combination skin as it’s water based….and did I mention this setting spray is a pro level product and that it really works? 😀  Cause it does!

Best water based makeup sealer for brides