Must-read before meeting and dating Russian women

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Must-read before meeting and dating Russian women

Russian women have always been a perfect embodiment of a beauty from a fairy tale. They are believed to be one of the most beautiful and desirable women in the whole World for a good reason, and if you have decided to find your happiness with one of them, this guide is exactly what you have to read.

Russian women, what are they like?

Being a Slavic woman does not mean to have some identifying features, as, let us say, slanted eyes, which are inherent in Asian people, or red hair that is usually associated with the Irish. However, it is easy to notice a Russian woman in a crowd.

Beautiful face

There are different girls in Russia, with different complexions, color of hair and eyes. Still, most of them have something in common, clean skin, high cheekbones, delicate nose and general softness of features. Due to this, ladies from Russia have no trouble looking like charming angels or gorgeous queens.

Feminine body

Being slim like a model is not even considered as something special in Russia. You won’t find many overweight people in this country, and there are several reasons for this. First of all, Russians use cars much less than Americans; they are used to walk, and lack of physical activity makes them feel bad. Second, fast food is not popular in Russia. They treat McDonald’s like an ordinary café, and it could never be more popular than homemade dishes. And third, Russian girls love to care about their figures. They carefully watch their weight, try various diets, and frequently go to a gym. A typical body of a woman from Russia is in the shape of a sand clock, which is explained with high estrogen hormone level.

Excellent style

Any beauty can be hidden under a frayed shirt, shaggy hair, and bags under eyes. Being attractive requires much effort, and Russian ladies understand this more than anybody else. They prioritize nice look and can sacrifice comfort in order to look pretty, and this is probably the main factor why a girl from Russia stands out among other girls. Shiny hair, perfect makeup, and elegant clothes show that those women know how to present their beauty.

Nature of Russian women

Residents of different countries have different cultural values, and this can become a problem when it comes to marriage between two dissimilar people. Still, do not despair. Russians have much in common with an average person from the USA or Europe; they watch a lot of American movies, listen to American music, and read Western literature; therefore, our culture and mentality are very close to them. But what about ladies’ typical character traits?


Russian education is much more complicated than American; it contains many subjects, which aims to give a student perfect knowledge in the discipline. As a result, only the smartest students have no troubles with learning; the others need to do their best to have at least an average score. Such an approach guarantees a wide range of knowledge and provides good awareness in various fields.

High moral principles

Russia is a democratic country, but in fact, it is not as free as, for instance, the USA. In spite of obvious disadvantages of such a situation, it also has some positive aspects. The girls are very dependent on public opinion, which strongly condemns sexual promiscuity and bad habits. Parents raise girls trying to make them merciful, modest, and obedient; therefore, most of the Russian women are kind-hearted, prudent, and submissive.

For this reason, a lady may be a little restrained from the very beginning of your romance. She would like relations to develop gradually, with no rush, but be sure it is worth it.


Russian women believe that a single person cannot be happy, so they try to save their marriage no matter what. Being extremely patient, they are able to forgive a lot of mistakes to their beloved ones. Moreover, a typical woman from Russia would never risk her family, so you can always trust her and believe that she will be by your side to the bitter end.


Having parties and drinking with friends are strongly associated with youth and immaturity in Russia, and it is considered to be ended after a wedding. A married woman has to match some unspoken rules, which shows that she is a decent mother and wife. For this reason, ladies devote most of their time to the family; they cook, clean, and help children with homework; having fun comes down to drinking a cup of coffee and having a nice chat with friends.

Why are Russian women the best brides?

If there were a need to find out which nation has the best brides, it certainly would be Russia. Despite all the stereotypes and myths, nobody can doubt Russian women’s devotedness to their families and people they love. Of course, there are different ladies with various moral values in this country, just like everywhere else, but still, most of them possess something that makes them perfect for marriage. So, why Russian girls the best brides in the World?


How do you picture a perfect wife and mother? It is a happy woman who enjoys cooking and caring about her children and husband; she is understanding, smiling, and harmonious personality. Such a person will spread joy around herself, thus making happy other people.

There is a striking contrast between a typical Russian girl and a woman you can likely meet in your native country. Slavic ladies do not try to emphasize their independence, they are not arrogant and selfish, and for sure they would never choose office, colleagues, and boss over warm and cozy evenings with loving family.

Belief in marriage, not divorce

Perhaps, you’ve never met a woman that would like to have only one man for a lifetime, but actually, almost every girl from Russia dreams about that. When a Russian bride walks down the aisle, she truly believes that the man of her choice will be by her side forever, and if it comes to divorce, it really means that there was no other option.


Which place in your lady’s priority list do you want to take? Are you ok with being put after her career and other self-interest?

With a Russian wife, you will never be neglected. Those women are devoted and desperate; they are willing to do anything to be with a man they love; they are ready to sacrifice a lot because of their abiding faith in a happy family and eternal love. Such an attitude guarantees that you will always feel the most appreciated and needed man in the whole World.


In some cases, patience helps fragile ladies to be stronger than men, support their beloved ones in a crisis, and live through rough patches. If you have never met a patient woman, then you do not know a girl from Russia. The Russian nation experienced horrible wars which took away most of the male population; delicate ladies had to deal with hard men’s work and provide for their families. Those circumstances made women extremely patient, and this quality is also inherent for modern Russian girls. It’s peculiar, in spite of such hard times, those ladies did not lose their femininity and grace.


Tender Russian beauties believe that they are responsible for the well-being of their family and happiness of the beloved man. In addition to this, they depend on public opinion and always compare themselves to the most successful housewives they know; you may think this is a negative character trait, but actually, it makes them perfect wives.

Marriage with a Russian woman means clean and cozy home and delicious dishes. She feels happy to care about her family, and if you say “thank you” to your Russian bride, she will be over the moon.

How to be the man of her dreams?

Women from Russia are the best choice for marriage, and every man can find his special lady in this country. However, it is not that easy to win her heart because Russian beauties are proud and they know what they want. Well, how do they picture a perfect partner for marriage?

Let’s consider a man of her dream step by step. So, what about his appearance?


A man with designer shoes, stylish clothes, hair styling and a manicure would rather confuse a Russian woman. She has enough competition with other beautiful girls; why on Earth does she also have to be concerned that her boyfriend looks classier than her? Care about appearance is strongly associated with femininity in Russia; you should be neat and may be stylish, but do not try too hard to impress her with your handsome look.

Same as guys like feminine beauties, women like masculine gentlemen who show that they are strong and reliable. Because of this, some men believe that big muscles really deserve investing and emphasizing to attract ladies’ attention, but they are wrong.

The perfect masculine figure indicates that a man is obsessed with his appearance and that he spends much time in a gym trying to make his body excellent. Of course, some women can be seduced with muscular men’s body, but you can find few of them among young and immature girls that still are crazy for sweet handsome guys.

Now, let’s get down to how to make her like you at the first date.

Act like a gentleman

You may think that such trivia as holding doors for her and walk her home are not important, but it can be the reason why the next date will or will not occur. Why girls pay so much attention to little things?

You have to remember that women always make conclusions; that’s how their logic works. You interrupted her once, and she believes you are ill-mannered; you did not ask her how is she doing, and she thinks you do not care about her. There are many examples of women’s conclusions, and not all of them are bad. Pull out her chair, stand up when she leaves the table, and what’s the most important, compliment her character traits, skills, and hobbies, not just her appearance. After such date, she’ll believe she has met the most gallant, gentle, and kind man she could only dream about, even if you did not do anything special.

One more thing you should know about Russia; it’s awkward when a gentleman does not pay for his lady. Actually, this fact has created an absurd myth that Russian ladies are gold-diggers. They look for a strong and reliable man who can provide for his family, and dates are something like a test for men’s masculinity and dependability. However, they need love, care, and sound relations, not a moneybag.

Women, in turn, are obliged to look gorgeous on dates. If you see a Russian girl in everyday life and cannot imagine how it is possible to be more beautiful, ask her out, and she will impress you with her divine beauty.

Well, you made an impression on her. What’s next?

It’s much easier to make a woman happy than you can imagine. Most of the Russian ladies want the same things, which are mutual love, emotional contact, and care.

Explain your motives. Ladies in Russia are very understanding, but sometimes you have to help her see the situation from your point. Perhaps, you know that women are very emotional in contrast to men who are always guided by logic. As a result, two parties find it hard to understand each other, and the best way to prevent the conflict is to talk. You have to explain your lady the factors which have influenced your decisions; be sure that you will find common ground.

Be reliable. This is the most attractive character trait for women; they consider reliability as the best measure of your inner strength and masculinity. Never leave her not heard or alone with her problems. If you make her feel protected, you’ll gain her love and devotion forever.

Still, reliability implies not only help when it is needed but also giving her confidence that she will be loved forever. Don’t give her any reason for jealousy, always remind how much you love and appreciate her, and your lady will always be relaxed, happy, and even-tempered.

Do instead of talk. Kind words are never excessive, but Russian women will not believe what you say if your deeds do not support it. Once again, women always make conclusions. If you tell that you love her but never strive to help her with home chores and do not look for spending some private time together, she’ll not only think you have no feelings to her but also conclude you are a liar.

Where to meet Russian women

First of all, you won’t meet her not doing anything. The least you can do is to join a dating website oriented on helping Russian girls to meet a foreign guy for a relationship (e.g., Russian Cupid). However, someday you will have to go to Russia. The first thing you’ll notice is that almost all the services and products there are much cheaper than in the USA or Europe; therefore, you probably will be able to afford nice accommodation and lots of fun.

Go where people enjoy themselves

Actually, you can meet the woman of your dream anywhere, starting from the airport and ending with a hotel where you stay. Still, those places, as well as streets and shops, do not give a good chance to start your romantic relations. Same as in any other country, people are busy there. They think about many things to do, time limits, and obligations, so at best, a flirting foreigner will get a phone number and a promise to meet later, at worst, he’ll be ignored.

Still, if you attend places where people have fun, you will certainly meet a pretty girl who is willing to chat with you. Don’t worry about the language barrier; there are a lot of young girls who speak English and want to practice with a native speaker. Pay attention to a company of women. In Russia, girls never go to parties or cafés alone, and if they do not have a boyfriend, they go with friends.


Such places are the fastest way to meet new people; everybody is a little drunk there and looks for fun. Buying a cocktail for a pretty girl is enough to start a conversation, and if she likes you, the chance meeting can be continued the next day in a nice café. Still, nightclubs are, so to speak, the most dangerous place to find a girlfriend. First of all, you have to be careful with your money. It can be stolen, sure, but actually, you may get carried away buying drinks for another beauty and not even notice that you do not have enough cash for a taxi. Many girls in clubs entertain themselves counting how many cocktails were bought for them; everything you can get from them is flirting. However, if you look for a one-night stand, nightclubs are suitable for this better than anything.


You can kill two birds with one stone, have a nice time and meet a Russian woman for a romantic relationship. You may ski, snowboard, soak in hot springs, or lay on a beach; there are many options how to spend your vacation in Russia, everything depends on your taste and wallet. By the way, if you like to have a rest at the seaside, you also have an opportunity to see for yourself how slender and delicate Russian girls are.

Cafés and restaurants

What can be easier than to meet a girl in a café? There are many ways to strike up a conversation with a lady you like; you may order her a drink as a secret admirer and reveal yourself in the end, or ask to share a table. If you want to hide your intentions, just ask whether she speaks English, and then say that you, as a tourist, would like some local resident to tell you more about the country and nice places to visit.

Start with online platforms

If your trip to Russia has a clear mission to meet a girl for relationships, it is irrational not at least to try to get acquainted with Russian women on a dating site. First of all, it will give you some experience in communicating with them; you’ll be able to decide whether you like how they look, speak English, and act with a potential partner. It’s a kind of a preparation for starting relations with women from Russia. Besides, you have a good chance to meet a special lady on a romantic platform, and then go to visit her, not to look for someone among thousands of strangers. By the way, if your main priority is attractive appearance, try Victoria Brides; the website is very popular among Russian beauties.

No matter what way you choose, you are able to meet your future wife in Russia among many women that look for love. Be persistent and confident in your success, and your happiness will find you before you know it.