Dating a woman that looks like a fashion model. How to make it possible?

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Dating a woman that looks like a fashion model. How to make it possible?

Craving for beauty is a natural human need; we all feel pleasure when we see delicate and symmetrical facial features, slim body, and good posture. Beauty makes women desirable. Another matter is that there are not a lot of indeed beautiful girls to date who do not have sky-high demands. Some men gave up to find a gorgeous lady for dating or marriage, and the others keep fighting for their dreams; if you are a persistent one, read this article, and you’ll have better chance to succeed.

Where to find a woman of model type to date?

Luxurious restaurants and nightclubs

Normally, such places are full of a particular type of women. They know their value and cannot settle for less. This fact may discourage men who look for more than just a beautiful woman and want affection from the lady of their choice, but still, you never know where your happiness is waiting for you.

If you have decided on a luxury restaurant or nightclub, prepare well. You have to look respectable and wealthy. Forget about your casual T-shirt; a woman will not pay attention to you if she thinks you are not worthy of having such a beauty. Next, don’t skimp on treating. By the way, the price for a cocktail or whatever should depend not on how attractive she is, but how narcissistic she is. Perception of beauty is relative, and a gorgeous ladies may be not aware of their beauty, and vice versa.

Beauty salons and brand boutiques

Ladies who have a fashion model appearance know that they are beautiful, enjoy it, and do their best to look gorgeous. They are also interested in fancy clothes and jewelry. The other issue, you’ll look weird in such places. Still, you may pretend that you try to pick up a present for your sister or niece, and even ask an independent opinion of a girl you like.

The most obvious disadvantage of such places is that women are not visiting those to meet a guy.

Gyms, pools, jogging paths

A model body requires efforts and time; a girl who does not care about herself will not look attractive for a long time, even if she has good genes. Therefore, every slim beauty spends her free time working out. Of course, you can see not only stunners with taut bodies but also your tubby neighbor. There still a possibility not to meet Victoria’s Secret angel in a gym at all; be ready for this.

Anyway, this way to find a model girl has obvious advantages and almost no shortcomings. Women know many tricks to make their body look more attractive than it really is, but in gyms and especially in pools, their bodies are not covered with tricky clothing. Besides, you have a perfect chance to get rid of some extra pounds, and thereafter look classy when it comes to meeting a woman of your dreams.

All over you

Maybe, you do not have to go to a special place to meet a model for dating; you can face a dazzling girl on the street, at the supermarket, or walking in the park with your dog. Don’t lose your chance and say hi. Who knows, it may be a start of your relationships.

Don’t despair if it doesn’t work because the chance is very small. If she is so gorgeous, can you imagine how many men try to ask her out every day? Still, it’s worth a shot.


The world is not limited to the street where you live; dating fashion model may require visiting other counties. This way is the most promising, and the most adventurous. You probably will not regret it in any case.

Some countries are rich for gorgeous ladies

Everything depends on your preferences. If you like the type of appearance that you are used to seeing every day, you have to buy a ticket to Slavic countries. Slavic women belong to the Caucasian race, same as people from Western Europe and the USA. However, they slightly differ in their habits and attitude towards appearance. Physical attractiveness is believed to be a trump card, a guarantee that a woman will be loved and appreciated, so almost all the girls from that region do everything possible to look like fashion models.

Russia and Ukraine are the most popular Slavic countries for foreigners who look for a romance. The reason is that women from those lands are real stunners, and hardly many ladies from other corners of the world can compete with them.

If you find exotic appearance attractive and dream about petite tender beauty, pay attention to China. Brides over there consider marriage with a foreigner great luck, that’s why you can pick up almost any pretty lady you’d like. The Chinese are not very tall, but they are very delicate; besides, women from China have the sweetest faces in the World.


You may find different girls in Russia, but almost all of them are slim like fashion models. A typical Russian ladies look like most of Disney princess; they are pretty tall, slender, and fair-haired; they have an oval face and big bright eyes, as a rule, blue, grey, or green. Face features of Russian ladies are very delicate. In addition, those naturally beautiful women do all they can to emphasize their attractiveness.

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Ukrainian ladies look similar to Russians but their bodies are curvier and colors of their eyes, hair, and lips are brighter. Usually, Ukrainian beauties care about their figures, work out in gyms and eat healthy food; that’s why you won’t meet many overweight or skinny girls in Ukraine; almost everyone has a perfect taut body in a shape of a sand clock. Most of the women from this wonderful country have long dark hair; their sparkling eyes are blue or brown, but regardless, the skin is almost always fair, and cheeks are rosy.

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In China, you can find the most exotic beauties for dating and marriage. This Eastern country attracts a lot of men who love delicate feminine women. Appearance of Asian women are not so diverse as in Slavic countries; all Chinese girls are black-haired with magnetic black eyes, and porcelain skin. By the way, Chinese models are considered to be one of the most attractive in the world; the secret is their natural delicacy, which is a rare feature of tall women. Untypical unfading beauty of girls from China magically appeals men all around the World, and if you belong to the Caucasian race, you are the lucky one because the Chinese will find you very attractive. In this way, you can choose the most beautiful girl who looks like a model.

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Dating a beautiful woman. What do you have to settle for?

People think that relations with pretty women involve many pitfalls. Some guys intentionally avoid dating hot girls not to get stressed, feel disappointed, or used. However, you shouldn’t think stereotypically and label different people who have only one common feature. If you believe that modest, kind-hearted beautiful girls exist only in Disney cartoons for little girls, you are wrong. There are certain wrong opinions concerning women who look like models, and you have to know about this.


There is a common belief that beauties are capricious because they have always had what they want. This fact does not apply to all the girls, especially if we are talking about foreign ones. National and family values establish people’s personality, and self-esteem or awareness of own beauty cannot change it. Even the prettiest girls in Russia find it hard to marry a decent man; if a gorgeous lady in Russia falls in love with a guy, there for sure are several rivals who are going to fight for a man of her choice, so it’s a moot point whether all beauties can easily get what they want.

Can a woman who desperately wants to find a good partner be capricious? No, she tries her best to be the best girlfriend or bride ever. By the way, it is a well-known fact that Slavic and Asian ladies are submissive. They still believe that a man has to be a leader in romantic relationships, and they definitely enjoy feeling fragile and feminine.

Besides, there is a good chance to find a modest girl where you live. However, it requires some “reading between the lines”; women who strive to show her physical attractiveness enjoy men’s attention; they can be capricious in marriage. But there are many ladies with hidden beauty, and if you are able to see it under baggy clothes and face with no makeup, congratulations, you have met a real treasure.


You may think that a typical romance with a beautiful woman is complicated and expensive. Yeah, probably her ex-boyfriends were ready for everything to make her continue the relationships as long as possible, and “everything” for hot women usually means expensive presents. That’s why men don’t even ask ladies of model type out; they know that the demands can be high; first of all, fancy restaurants; second, big bouquets of flowers. Next dates require jewelry; romance implies paying for her shopping. And of course, you cannot marry her not having a luxurious mansion and big bank account.

That was only about financial demands, but besides, dating sexy women also require much attention. Any time somebody else can go up to her, and if she is upset with you, why wouldn’t she have a date with the admirer?

Again, look for a stunning girlfriend in Slavic countries, and you’ll never face the above problems. She will never demand too much because of gratefulness for having relations with you. On the contrary, you can even meet somebody giving. For instance, Ukrainian women love to take care of their beloved ones. You’ll have much attention from a girl from Ukraine; she’ll enjoy to cook delicious food for you and to do what you ask.


Most of the beautiful women are crazy about their appearance. They enjoy being beautiful and some of them believe that attractiveness in the most important investment; you won’t be able to convince your gorgeous girlfriend of the opposite. So, be prepared to plenty of time and money wasted on beauty procedures, makeup and so on. Perhaps, she’ll use every shop front and car window like a mirror. No doubt, she’ll make hundreds of selfies every day, and dozens of them will be on her Instagram profile.

There is nothing you can do with such an irritating disadvantage. Get used to that and don’t pay attention or become her personal photographer; she’ll definitely like it.

Too much attention around her

You don’t belong to a jealous type of men; you don’t believe in a relationship where is no mutual trust; you think that friendship between man and woman can be real. Forget about this. Even though men around know she has a partner (wedding ring points to it), they cannot help being kind, helping, and flirting. Sooner or later, her handsome boss will bother you, and her late meeting with friends will make you nervous.
There is the only way to avoid this problem; start serious relations with a girl who is head over heels in love with you. Her love and respect for you is the best guarantee she’ll never cheat on you. If you are a jealous man, consider dating a Chinese girl. Fidelity and modesty are essential features of Chinese women’s mentality. You will probably never see your oriental lady having fun at a big noisy party because it is not her cup of tea. What she really enjoys is to spend time with you.