Dating young women despite age gap. Secrets, tips, and recommendations

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Dating young women despite age gap. Secrets, tips, and recommendations

You are reading this article, so you probably are single and ready for new relationships. Well, maybe you do not have any experience with dating young women, but don’t worry, nothing is impossible, and if you act properly, soon you’ll attract a younger girl. Here, you can read what to do to improve your chances, and how to be attractive in general.

Where to find a younger woman to date?

The easiest way to find a young wife or girlfriend is to join a dating site. It implies more advantages than you think; your mail order bride can be a young lady, a real stunner, and your soul mate at the same time.

Why is it so easy to start relationships with a young girl online? First of all, usually romantic websites have a function of the automatic selection of potential partners, and everybody can indicate an age of a match. Many people skip this function or choose a quite wide range. Obviously, such women value personal qualities or other characteristics more than age; they are open to interaction with experienced and wise people so you won’t have to deal with prejudice and waste energy to convince someone of something. Besides, online communication allows putting your personal characteristics and intelligence ahead, not an appearance.

Dating with an older man can be especially interesting for foreign girls; if they are open to relationships with someone who have another mentality and lives on the other side of the world, they probably don’t mind romance with a man who is significantly older than they are. By the way, you can offer a lot to a foreign girlfriend, for instance, share your extensive experience, show your country, and tell a lot about your culture. Start with a dating site, which welcomes international relationships, e.g., RoseBrides.

Of course, you can meet younger women to date among those who surround you. You shouldn’t go to a nightclub, it will look rather weird, and it is a common mistake of mature men who are interested in dating younger women; you should not pretend young but use advantages of your experience. First of all, never miss events you enjoy. Remember what you liked years ago, was it art galleries, theatres, cinema, book launches? It’s a high probability to meet there someone who shares your interests. You may underestimate the younger generation, but it is also interested in something worthwhile, meaningful, and beautiful.

Always say yes

You never know where you can meet a girl of your dreams; maybe it is a famous dating site Anastasia Date, or neighbor’s birthday, so do not miss a chance to go outside. Visit every meeting or party you are invited in, meet your pals, and travel abroad. Do not focus on your goal to start dating young women, just enjoy all the activities you participate in, broaden your mind, and your happiness will find you.

Don’t fall into despair if a young girl said “no” and don’t blame your age. When was it easy to start romantic relationships? There are always some problems, and the more determinant and persuasive you are, the higher the probability that you will end up dating with younger woman.

Don’t think that you are outdated and stuff; only you have to decide who you are. Besides, some things never change. Women still like romance, gentlemen, and attention, no matter how old they are.


How to cope with possible problems


One of the most important issues is whether to have children or not. It’s perfect if both of you want the same, but usually, an older partner has much romantic experience, including marriage, which for some reason could not last forever. Of course, the man can have children and consider parenthood as a past stage of life. However, you still can find several options; there are many young women who have chosen a childfree lifestyle or just do not bother themselves with such an issue. A lot of girls understand the necessity of being a mother but are terrified of huge responsibility and other problems associated with maternity. Besides, you can find a woman who also already has children.

On the other hand, it is possible that a man wants to have a young wife because he wants to be a father, and women of his age cannot give it to him. Anyway, before starting serious relationships with a young woman, this issue has to be discussed.

Gossips around

The last thing you can expect is that people will accept your choice and won’t talk much about your personal business. One of the most important traits of you and your lady should be indifference to others’ opinion. You have to create or improve your relationships, not to satisfy neighbors with your life.

What to do with gossips? Nothing. People like to talk, so let them do this until they lose interest. Explain this simple truth to your young girlfriend, bride, or wife, and don’t worry about snoops.

Expecting the worst

What you have to do is to enjoy your romance and not to think or analyze it too much. People are prone to expect bad things because they want to feel prepared. Preparation for everything is good unless it becomes paranoia. A common fear of elder men who date young women is that ladies do this for profit. In most cases, it is a partial truth. Yes, some girls wouldn’t start dating a man who is poor as a church mouse, but it doesn’t mean they do not enjoy the relationships and do not love their wealthy partners. Men, by the way, are also not always in love just with the personality; they refuse to have relations with women who are not physically attractive. Human affection is caused by many factors; not all of them are romantic, but who cares if both of you are happy?

Different interests

Age dictates what to do and what hobbies to have, and it is quite reasonable. Different activities mean you spend less time together, but it also means you are always interesting each to other. You will never feel bored with your partner, and you’ll appreciate the time you spend with your beloved one more. So, let your young woman watch beauty-blogs, and you enjoy a fishing trip with your bud.

Common advice

Don’t dwell

Let’s say, you’ve met a nice girl, but after a while, your relationship became burdensome and obviously, it doesn’t work. Don’t try to save it no matter what only because it would be hard to find somebody like her. Her age does not give her an advantage over you. The purpose of dating with younger women is to make you happy, so ask yourself whether you enjoy it. After a breakup, don’t give up and keep looking for someone special. You have to check many people to find the right one.

Try to be physically attractive

Elder men can be as attractive as young guys, especially if their look works with the age. Wear clothes that emphasize your respectability, and show your own style. If you feel vigorous enough to practice sport, you should do it; if you don’t, still exercise, and in a while, you will like it.

Smile more, gloom less, and enjoy being who you are.

Be mature emotionally

So, it’s enough for her to have fun with children, now she wants somebody mature and reliable. These traits have little in common with financial status and physical strength, but much with your attitude towards different situations, your feelings, and emotions. Indeed, emotions of elder people are art; they are not useless, they are not wasted, they do not irritate. And that’s where you can take advantage. So, no fights over nothing and no laugh over stupid jokes, especially if the lady of your choice is clever. In this respect, every woman wants to date mature guys.

Don’t underestimate her

She probably does not want to feel herself a stupid child whose every word is worth nothing just because she is too young. She is a person with her own experience, which can differ from yours. Most likely, your young girlfriend knows much about modern culture, dating, fashion, technology, etc.; you cannot try and know everything, so give her a chance and respect her opinion. Moreover, your wisdom can be represented in your ability to listen carefully, conduct a reasonable discussion, and be open to different points of view.

Be yourself

Attempt to look smarter than you are is the same ridiculous as an attempt to look young. You have nothing to be embarrassed if you don’t know something; on the contrary, boring lectures, the imposition of your opinion or beliefs make her rolls her eyes, not respect you more. If she is with you, then probably you have something very attractive. Don’t think stereotypically; maybe a perfect elder partner is not a doctor of science, maybe it’s you?

Be confident

Young boys have no advantage over you; they cannot offer a beautiful lady as much as you can, especially if she is not a party girl. You have much experience and wisdom, it’s obvious, but you also can make her feel safe; she knows you won’t be seduced by another woman because you appreciate her; you don’t choose to hang out with buds instead of enjoying a weekend with her. In short, you prioritize her; nothing is more pleasant for a woman. Indeed, your lady is lucky; so considering this, do you have any reason to feel not good enough for her?

Be interested in her

You may use this tip with any person in many cases, not only when you date a young woman. People love conversations when they talk about what they want to talk, so give them such chance. Ask your girlfriend about her, what she likes and what she doesn’t, be interested in her emotions. In this way, you can kill two birds with one stone, let her enjoy communication with you and feel appreciated and important. That’s what young guys do not know how to do; they prefer to chat about themselves because they care about own satisfaction more. Always react to her words; give advice and don’t forget to compliment and justify her.

How to make an age gap unnoticeable

Scene from Back to the Future movie

You can easily hide age difference if you and your lady are compatible people. Your values, goals, and desires have to be similar, and then you’ll be just a perfect couple. If that is not enough and you want to do more to erase the sense of age gap, consider the advice below.

Don’t worry about your age

Let’s start with the obvious “don’t.” What you pay attention to is noticeable for others; this is a simple rule with works in every case. Don’t consider your age as a disadvantage, there are lots of men that successfully date young women, so, probably, it is not such a big problem?

Never ever nag

Nagging is considered as a typical old people’s bad habit; they cannot do anything with situations they do not like, they are bored and not satisfied with their life, so they just nag, and that’s it. Nobody likes to listen to complaints and reproaches, and this is a taboo for you. That doesn’t mean that you should be dishonest about your feeling; your dissatisfactions have to be well argued, and if you are angry with something, find any way of solving the problem but nag.

Be interested in what is interesting for her

Every person has at least several hobbies, and extreme sports are not necessarily included. Understand what is interesting for her and try to be involved. It’s never late to learn to play guitar, go to a pool, or start jogging. You may read her favorite books or blogs and watch the TV-show she likes. You can always find a point of contact between your interests, and this will help you feel closer to her.

Have a passion

Passionate people are attractive, no matter how they look, how they behave, etc. Passion gives you a charm, a special charisma, which makes women be around. What is can be? Everything that absorbs you, gardening, cooking, fixing a car. If there was no need to earn money, what would you do? Your passion can make your eyes shine, and that’s why your lady will definitely forget about the age gap.

Be cheerful

Smile makes people look younger, it’s proven. Inner smile, which is a good optimistic mood, makes feel younger. Since everybody enjoys communication with a good-humored person, you will be very attractive. Will the age difference be noticeable? Probably not.