General rules to find your soulmate

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General rules to find your soulmate

Life is often compared to a journey, and even though the destination is not quite clear to us and we are not sure about the point, you probably feel that you have to enjoy your journey.

However, people find themselves weak to stay happy because of continuous challenges, and the solution has always been to come together and help each other. In this way, we started to find our soulmates, the perfect companions for the journey, who share our feelings and emotions, always support and love us, and with such a partner, it’s really hard not to be happy.

Of course, people can enjoy their lives without a spouse, but it would be ridiculous to say that our being without someone beloved is as full as with a twin flame. You probably have single friends or relatives, and you have noticed that they try to fill the sense of loneliness with something else, for instance, pets, career, or passion about some activity, but all of this is artificial sweeteners, which would never be able to replace a real flavor of happiness and true love.

Perhaps you are familiar with the feeling of unwillingness to depend on somebody, but no matter how much you try to be self-sufficient, the moment comes when you need your beloved one to take your hand, listen to you, or just to be close. At this point, you got two choices, to harden and abandon sharing your inner sensations, or not to betray your chance to be happy and at least try to find a soul mate.

Well, how to do this? What is the magnet, which can pull someone special to you? There is no ideal formula, but you can substantially increase your chances anyway.

Improve yourself

You may find much advice around the Internet that you have to accept all your flaws and love you for who you are. A good tip to boost your self-esteem, however, don’t be surprised if your love life doesn’t change.

People always fall for good enough partners, or even too good. Just think about it, could you be interested in a not attractive, not intelligent person, who doesn’t care about self-development and doesn’t have a remarkable personality? Such an individual has no value for you, that’s why you cannot consider him or her as a potential partner, not to mention falling in love with.

Improving yourself is a crucial issue for those who want to find someone decent to date. Think of what kind of person you would like to be, a confident, passionate, in a good physical shape, etc. Why cannot you move towards being such one? Improve yourself every day, and you’ll notice that your value goes up. It’s a way better than to sit in front of the TV and wait for someone to come and start loving you just like that.

Factors that make you valuable

Physical attraction

Healthy people are very attractive, and most of the features we find beautiful just show that a person is healthy. Do everything to look nice; get rid of extra pounds, straighten your back, get a haircut that makes you look well, and smile. Nowadays attractive appearance is more a matter of hard work and self-organization than genetics, so it’s up to you to decide how to look.

Financial reliability

Yes, wealthy men seem attractive to girls not because the latest are gold-diggers; wealth is associated with stability and reliability; besides, well-off people feel confident, which is also very appealing.

That’s why if you are not a teenager; forget about ripped jeans, worn out T-shirts, unshaved face and everything that makes you look cheap. And of course, don’t say no to opportunities to improve your financial situation.


Your mind is the reason why people respect you and find talking to you interesting. Most women would prefer dating a smart man rather than a handsome one. Your intelligence can be way easier to improve than you think. Do you spend much time every day expanding your intellectual horizons? Instead of watching a TV show, which has no value for your mind, watch some science video or read an article. You should start learning something that is interesting for you, and in a while, you’ll become addicted to new knowledge.

Also, work on your emotional intelligence; reading people’s emotions and ability to control your own will greatly help you in communication and understanding your partner’s motives. You can get it reading articles and books about the psychology of emotions.

Don’t believe in the perfectness of your relations

Do you look for a relationship without a single fight, where you both like the same movie and wake up at the same time? Well, then you have a misconception about love. If you follow this principle, then any little conflict or difference in your characters will disappoint you, and you’ll start thinking that your match is not the one.

Actually, it’s ok when relationships have some problems; everything worthwhile is not easy to achieve. Finding someone special is only half the battle; you also must manage to make it work. Real love often requires sacrifices and accepting challenges. After you both have passed through a difficult struggle and still love each other, congratulations, now you are real twin flames.

Be patient

You may start worrying that you will never find your soulmate, especially if you are not twenty years old. Such thoughts are quite normal; every person  feels like this sooner or later. Still, the concerns probably do not have a reasonable basis. Love does not like to be hurried.

Do what you enjoy to do, be open to new experience, and your soulmate will knock at your door at the most unexpected moment.

Where to look for your soulmate

You may meet your perfect partner tomorrow morning in the grocery store, or you may spend years in the wrong place at the wrong time. Fortunately, people have invented dating websites, in this way significantly expanding the range of potential partners for every single. Actually, nobody ever had so many possibilities to find a match as Internet users today; you are not limited physically to the area you live or go, and you do not need to look like a lonely desperate man trying to ask every pretty girl out.

How have dating websites changed people’s romantic life?


Don’t you think that a common practice of dating is a little outdated? You pick someone who looks nice in your opinion, start communication, and hope that you both are compatible. This gives you much bad experience, and you just settle for more or less good partner because he or she is the lesser evil. It is what most people do. No wonder that half of all marriages fail, and some people are together only because of a comfort zone.

That’s why avoiding romantic sites is a big mistake of single people. Online dating is a great privilege of the modern age. You do not have to seek for compromises; find someone who shares your passion and your habits, with the desired level of education and a good sense of humor. Whatever you want your partner to be, you can find on a platform to date. Your soulmate is definitely hiding among thousands of single peoples’ profiles.


Did you ever think why “exotic” is associated with something sexy and appealing? No, that is not because we are bored with what we see everyday. People subconsciously like someone with whom they can have a healthy offspring, and diverse genes are one of the important factors that influence the health of descendants.

That’s why people who travel a lot often marry foreigners. However, now you do not need to go abroad hoping you’ll be lucky enough to meet your soulmate. International dating websites give you an opportunity to meet and start dating singles from different countries. You may go through Beauty for Brides reviews and choose the best for yourself.

Saving time

When you consider potential partners one by one, you lose plenty of time. Your life may appear to be too short to find your special one because of failed dating. Really, it takes so much time a person needs to trust his or her partner before start serious relationships, not to mention periods when you do not date anyone.

Online dating allows you to not waste any more of your time. You communicate with as many single people as you want, learn more about their personalities, and only if everything works for you, you can take your relationship from the network to reality. Your romance has more chances to end happily if you start it with someone you know well than with a random person.

Less stress

Not everybody can dare to go up to a total stranger and start a conversation. People are shy and afraid to be turned away. You can lose many opportunities to meet your soulmate if you are not confident enough, but on the Internet, your chances do not disappear so quickly. You can add profiles to favorites, and take your first step whenever you are ready; besides, connection online is not as stressful as a real meeting. There is no need to make on the spot decisions; you can think about your every message, thus controlling the situation. Such a little thing as self-doubt can no longer be an obstacle to your happiness.

Meeting a person you’ve communicated with cannot be compared with a regular dating. It is like meeting your beloved one from the previous life. However, doesn’t matter how you will meet your soulmate; remember that dreams tend to come true, so keep dreaming about your special one, and sooner or later, your meeting will happen.