Land of perfect brides. The best tips to date a Ukrainian woman

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Land of perfect brides. The best tips to date a Ukrainian woman

If you have never experienced relationships with Ukrainian women, you lost a lot. Hopefully, you are not married yet and still have a chance to try a romance with the most beautiful woman you ever met. Many tourists that have visited Ukraine once came back there again because of gorgeous women; as well, usually men who have married a Ukrainian lady are considered to be as lucky as if they married a model. In most cases, this common belief is not much different from reality. The only distinction is that women from Ukraine are far less demanding than a model; they are caring and good at home-making, but also extremely beautiful. Isn’t it every man’s dream?

Historical reasons of Ukrainian beauty

The geographical area of Ukraine was at the intersection of different trade routes; as well, reach resources of nature, lack of natural disasters and good climate attracted many nomadic people and invaders. As a result of these circumstances, people living in Ukraine have genes of various ancient peoples and tribes, and it is the reason for good health and famous beauty of Ukrainians.

Ukraine didn’t face inquisition and witch-hunt, which accused almost all Western European beauties of witchcraft and burned them, thereby destroying their precious gene pool.

Also, Ukraine always has had lack of male population; this country was suffering from many long wars that took away a lot of men. Therefore, survivors had the opportunity to choose the most beautiful women for marriage, so descendants inherited only the best features of appearance.

How do Ukrainian ladies look?

Ukraine doesn’t have one type of women’s appearance, as, for instance, Latin America, Asia, or even Scandinavian countries. In this country, you can find different ladies, petite cuties, sexy tall amazons, and slim hotties that would be perfect Victoria’s Secrets angels (by the way, the most beautiful girls usually create profiles on Victoria Brides). The same applies to the color of hair, eyes, and skin; in Ukraine, every man can find a woman to his taste. However, Ukrainian ladies have a few similarities; almost all of them have a slender figure and proportional features of a face.

One more thing that unifies these women is that they like to care about their appearance. Physical attractiveness is their priority number one. A girl cannot go out without carefully thought out look; there is nothing worse for her than being the least attractive of all the ladies that surround her. Therefore, women in Ukraine look like they constantly compete with each other to be the most beautiful in the men’s eyes.

Every third woman took makeup or manicure courses, even though they have a University degree and their job is not connected with beauty industry in any way. Fitness clubs and beauty salons are at every turn in Ukraine, which proves demand for them is very high. And yet, there are no women in the World that could compete with Ukrainians in physical attractiveness; even Russian ladies that also are considered to be very beautiful, look monotonous in comparison with splendid beauty of Ukrainian women.

A typical Ukrainian lady is:


If you think that girls of such type have nothing to think about but fashion, you are wrong. Being just pretty in Ukraine is not enough, so they diligently study in their educational institution; it’s really hard to find a Ukrainian girl who does not have a University degree. In addition, education in Ukraine is focused on the development of general knowledge. The students know everything about ancient philosophers, psychology, world economy and other issues; they solve super complicated math problems and read dozens of classic novels. Believe it or not, but you probably will not meet a person in Ukraine that knows only one language. All the people are at least bilingual (Ukrainian and Russian), many of them speak English very well and besides, have a beginner level of German, French, or Polish. So, having relations with a woman from Ukraine, you will date not just an extremely beautiful girl, but also a smart person well-versed in different issues.


Those ladies put deep meaning into a word “relationship.” Being a couple means for them to be companions, who share all good and bad moments in life and help each other cope with every problem. Yes, she wants you to be reliable, but she is reliable not less than she wishes you to be. Being married a woman from Ukraine means never to feel lonely.


A girl from Ukraine cannot imagine her future without family dinners, children’s laughter, and holding the arm of her husband. A woman without family feels that her potential is not realized, so you can be sure that a lady of your choice will never prefer career over you.


Since love and family are the greatest value for a Ukrainian woman, she is ready to sacrifice everything for it. She is ready to go with you to the edge of the world and live through any adversity because love is her greatest inspiration. Everything you need to do is to make her believe it is worth it, and the only way to do this is to give her as much love and care as you are able to.

Would such wonderful women like to date you?

If you ever come to Ukraine, you’ll see many gorgeous ladies on the street, but what about men? Are they also extremely handsome and stylish gentlemen with perfect manners? No, most of them are average-looking guys without ambitions, but with high demands to potential brides. These circumstances also have a logical basis; there still is a significant preponderance of women in the population of Ukraine. Besides, a big number of men in this country have an alcoholism problem, thus being not able to become a worthy partner for an average beautiful and educated Ukrainian girl.

A typical Ukrainian lady has to do her best to be a lovely and smart woman, a perfect partner for her soulmate, and good at cooking. Otherwise, men will decide on other girls and she will end up an old maid without a family and love. Ukrainian girls surround their boyfriends with care and attention not to lose them; if a couple breaks up, the man can easily find the same classy girlfriend, but a woman will have a hard time finding a decent boyfriend. Therefore, Ukrainian men do not need to try to attract ladies’ attention; they can afford not to care much about their physical attractiveness and good manners because they will have a beautiful bride anyway.

If you ever come to Ukraine, you’ll see many gorgeous ladies on the street, but what about men? Are they also extremely handsome and stylish gentlemen with perfect manners? No, most of them are average-looking guys without ambitions, but with high demands to potential brides. These circumstances also have a logical basis; there still is a significant preponderance of women in the population of Ukraine. Besides, a big number of men in this country have an alcoholism problem, thus being not able to become a worthy partner for an average beautiful and educated Ukrainian girl.

What women from Ukraine expect from relationships with a foreigner?

Good attitude

A Ukrainian woman has nothing against cooking, cleaning, and caring about her husband. She treats this work as her direct responsibility, and she will do this even if you do not ask her. However, the lady wishes to feel appreciated; she wants you to compliment her beauty and give her a kiss for a tasty breakfast; she would like to feel that you care about her happiness and love her. The sad reality is that a Ukrainian husband takes all the women’s care for granted. But are the women used to such an indifferent attitude? No. They still dream about gentle and caring men who would love them and admire their beauty.


Many ladies from Ukraine say that this is the most important men’s character trait for them to start a family. Taking into consideration how much they are family-oriented, it’s clear that they want a husband who will support her if she needs and whose words and actions do not contradict each other. If a woman believes that she will not be left alone with hard problems to solve, especially if she has children, she will be happy to marry that person who gives her the feeling of safety.


Perhaps, lack of men in Ukraine is the reason for women’s fear of adultery. Being aware that your husband is not the type of men who can be seduced by other pretty woman helps to feel relaxed and confident in the future. Therefore, do not give her a cause to doubt your fidelity. Do not flirt with other girls, admire your beloved lady, and she will always be happy with you.

Inner harmony

Smiling and good-humored foreigners who travel in Ukraine stand out among gloomy and arrogant Ukrainian men, so there is a common belief in Ukraine that Western gentlemen are satisfied with their lives, know what they want, and because of that, they are cheery and calm. Any woman would like to be a partner of such a guy.


Ukrainian ladies are very passionate in everything they do; they love devotedly, admire everything beautiful, and honestly enjoy simple pleasures. They would also like to have same passionate men, so if you believe you are one of them, meet a Ukrainian beauty.

Where to meet Ukrainian women to date?

Dating platforms

There are many places to find a Ukrainian bride, even if you live far from this wonderful country. You can choose among plenty of quality dating services that help single Ukrainian beauties find their soulmates (e.g., UkraineDate). This way almost guarantees a successful search with the best result you could count on. Usually, such services have free registration. The users should fill out a questionnaire about themselves, optionally download a photo, and then pass to searching for singles to chat.


Nightclubs are not just places where young people can dance and have fun; they also are good to have dates and get acquainted with potential partners. Different girls attend clubs in Ukraine, so you have a chance to find there a nice woman for serious relations. However, if you look somebody for a short-term romance or just one date, there is no better place to meet the right girl than a nightclub.

Cafes and restaurants

The prestige of a restaurant helps to find a woman of the desired type; for instance, unpretentious little cafes are popular among young girl with an average income who do not look for a wealthy partner and would like to have simple relations with a man from the middle social class.

Fancy restaurants are good for you if you’d like to date a “luxurious” lady or a successful businesswoman. Here you will find beauties in designer clothes, professional makeup, and excellent manners.

Parks and other public places

Of course, a weekend gives you more chances to meet a Ukrainian woman for dating, but still, girls can stroke and chat in a company of friends any day, and you can easily walk up and start a conversation. Such a meeting has obvious advantages; for instance, girls look very natural when they have just a stroll with a friend, because at a club party or a restaurant, all the ladies look like Hollywood stars on the red carpet, don’t doubt it. So, if you want to see all pros and cons of your future bride immediately, go out for a walk.

Exhibitions, conferences, attractions

It’s one of the best options to look for a partner because usually, it does not attract frivolous girls. Yes, women who are obsessed just with parties, fashion clothes, and having fun avoid such places; on the opposite, smart ladies who like to learn something new do not miss it. In addition, it is easy to start a talk there; just ask a pretty girl how she likes the event, and the conversation will occur naturally.

Besides, you will definitely take pleasure in the pastime enjoying the art, culture, or learning new information.

Concerts, festivals, cinema

Such places and events are designed for people who know how to have fun, but still, it’s different than a nightclub. The visitors like a common thing and they came to enjoy it, not just to pick up someone. This fact makes such events much more attractive and promising than a nightclub.


There are no special places created to help singles meet each other (except for speed dates, which, for some reason, are not popular in Ukraine, and online dating services); people find their soulmates in everyday life, and that is what you have to do. In shops, malls, hotels, on the street, in a gym, doesn’t matter where, do not hesitate to walk up to a pretty Ukrainian and talk to her. The more attempts, the higher chance of success. And of course, it never hurts to create an account on a dating site.

How to date Ukrainian women

Make the first step

You might think that women whose prime goal is creating a family can make the first step. However, there are only a few ladies that can talk to you first. The reason is not arrogance or pride; they just shy, and to hear “no” from men is horrible for them. It would definitely cause much anxiety, self-doubt, and a long time of feeling down. Another reason for lack of women’s enthusiasm is a clear division of gender roles in Ukrainian society. Men in this country would never clean and cook, and women would never court a gentleman. However, some girls can show their interest in you with a smile. Don’t expect for more initiative and take control of the situation.

Be cheerful

If you have come from a foreign country, women already tend to like you, so your main task is to confirm the image of a kind and cheerful man. Smile a lot and surround her with an atmosphere of happiness. This is the most important step to make a good impression on her.

Pick up the check on every date

Once again, gender roles are clearly divided in Ukraine, and it is awkward when a lady has to pay at least for something on a date. Paying girl would probably feel as if you are humiliated because a gentleman who cannot afford to pay for his lady is considered to be miserable and pathetic. If you obviously can pay but do not do this for some reason, she will conclude that you think she is not worth it; the lady may also decide that she has offended you in some way, that she looks ugly for you, or that you are extremely greedy.

Don’t be surprised if the girl will try to pay. This is the way for her to show how independent or unselfish she is. In this case, pick up the check and compliment her saying that such a beautiful woman should not pay on dates.

How to make her fall in love with you?

Be a gentleman

Every woman likes when a strong man elegantly and gracefully cares about her. Probably, you have met some Western women that associate this with being weak and get irritated when you hold a door for her, pull out a chair, etc. However, women in Ukraine did not come under the influence of feminism that much, so they still appreciate gentlemen and good manners.

Ukrainian ladies did not really get used to such an attitude, and this fact can also help you impress her. A date with a gallant man will make her feel a real lady; if you want a person to like you, make her feel good in your company, so this is a critical step to win her heart.

Support her and help in everyday life

The best way to say “thank you for everything you do for me” is to do something for her. Sharing her household chores now and then will also be a gesture that can make her think that you are the best man she could dream about.

Be intelligent

Ukraine is a country of the traditional model of relationships, which implies women’s submissiveness. It means that a dominant man has to be strong and intelligent. However, being intelligent is far from PRETENDING to be intelligent. Therefore, there are several straight don’ts:

Never argue if you are not sure. That is a common mistake of guys who want to look smart in the eyes of a lady. They confuse being wrong with being stupid. Arguing makes the women feel uncomfortable but admitting the lack of your awareness doesn’t. It does not mean that you should flatter, nod, and agree; be yourself and debate something if there is a need, but bring good arguments. There are some issues with no right answers, such as religion. Don’t touch them, at least on the first dates.

Don’t be arrogant. Usually, men, especially if they are elder and more experienced than a woman, are right in disputes with their girlfriends. If you found yourself in such a situation, don’t behave as if you have defeated her. Ukrainian ladies are proud, and laughing over them can be considered an offense. In any case, do your best to make her feel comfortable with you.

Don’t talk too much. Let’s suppose, you possess impressive knowledge and experience, and want to share it to make her understand how intelligent you are. Most likely, she will be bored, and the date will either not impress her, or even discourage her from having another date with you. As a rule, women like to talk, and if you let your interlocutor talk as much as she wants, the conversation will be considered as extremely pleasant. So, make an interesting dialogue, but listen more than talk. However, if your lady is rather reserved personality, you should take the initiative in the conversation in order to avoid an awkward silence.

Don’t give her advice if you are not asked. It’s nice to be a straightforward person and tell what you think. Still, you should not go too far, and remember that unsolicited advice is the worst demonstration of frankness. Any judgment of her manners, habits, appearance, clothes, or makeup is unacceptable.

Be strong

Women like strong men as much as men like delicate and feminine women. Yet, it applies not so much to physical strengths as to mental, which includes courage, perseverance, dignity, and self-control. Lady with such a man will feel protected, and it is enough to make her want to be with you forever.