Anastasiadate – Real People Reviews

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2. Anastasia Date

This site is the most popular among Russian women. More than 25 years of significant experience in the dating market provided the website with a good reputation and well-known name. Here you will not come across fakers, as the platform uses reliable scheme to verify women’s identity.

92% Girl’s reply rate

3474 Girl’s online

Anastasiadate – Real People Reviews

What Is Anastasiadate?

It is a service where people find their love. It is created using the real experience of a Russian-American couple, who believed it was worth it to connect the world and prove that love has no boundaries.

More than 15 years have passed, and Anastasiadate team is trying their hardest to connect people from different parts of the world to help them fulfill their dream of finding pure love.

The login process is plain and simple. If it is your first visit, you will be asked to provide your name, email, create your password and state whether you’re a man looking for a woman or vice versa. You can hook the service up to your Facebook account and start looking for your lovely Ukrainian or Russian wife even faster!

The next thing you see is the search filter. Simple and effective. All you need to do is set the age limit, pick a country, name some common interests that you’d like to have and you’re good to go! Advanced options allow playing with the settings a bit more, narrowing down the search to which eye color does your future wife have. You can find a person that will be perfect just for you, simply by adjusting some search filter settings.

A fair number of Anastasiadate reviews (including this one) point out that it is the beautiful girls that steal the show. Eastern European women may not speak English on an advanced level, but their beauty, sense of humor and light heart make it virtually impossible to not to develop affection towards them. What if we told you that you could make one of these beauty queens your wife?

Anastasiadate Main Features

Easy To Use. The website is inviting and easy to use even for the people with the lowest knowledge of computer. Ads will not bother you an awful lot. However, you will be offered to purchase the credits (website currency that unlocks more possibilities) quite often. Despite that, the overall user experience is smooth and pleasant.

Huge Database. There are tens of thousands of beautiful women (mostly Ukrainian and Russian) who are online daily. Advanced filters allow to find those who match your criteria and have the most potential to be the love you were looking for.

Optimized For Mobile Platforms. You can easily use the site through your mobile phone or tablet. The layout is changed to suit smaller screen better and cause no discomfort while being away from your PC or laptop. Simply look for Anastasiadate to enter this version of the website.

Room For Activity. The service allows you to chat with the future wife of your choice along with using one- or two-way video calls to make the relationship even closer. Virtual gifts let you express your affection to the beauty you choose.

Real Gifts. Despite being overseas, you can make a gift to your love interest. You can send her tons of stuff from flowers to the newest iPhone, if you feel generous. All you need is to pay for the gift using the credits within the service, and the team will do the rest.

Is Anastasiadate A Scam?

The website is merely a mediator between you and your future loyal wife. However, the scammers try to infiltrate every structure they can to make money on other people’s misery or desire to feel the warmth of love again.

Due to the registered cases (though very rare) of misleading from users, Anastasiadate scam filters offer a significant deal of protection. If it happens so that you establish a communication with a person who is clearly hiding true identity, the credits you spend on chatting will be reimbursed.

Service employees suggest that you do not send money to people who you haven’t seen on-line in a live video chat and communicated for at least some time. Look through the profile pictures and see if there are photos that prove that the person exists and lives a normal life.

After encountering an individual who is not particularly trustful, you can file a complaint and that user will be banned from Anastasiadate for good.

Remember, that the number of amazingly beautiful Eastern European women who would kill to establish a relationship with you is overwhelmingly bigger than a small percentage of scammers. Take your time and find a woman that will be your future wife after chatting with potential ones for some time to determine whether there is something sincere between you. And most likely, there will be. Open up to these girls, discuss your mutual interests and see how far that will get you.

Anastasiadate scams are impossible if you are careful with choosing your new conversation partner and pay attention to whether the profile of the woman provides correct information. In addition, verified profiles have a corresponding sign in the right upper corner.

Anastasiadate Pricing Policy

Credits can be bought in packages and the more you buy, the cheaper they get per item. Check out the following price list and see for yourself.

  • 1000 credits = $399.00
  • 500 credits = $249.00
  • 320 credits = $185.00
  • 160 credits = $96.00
  • 80 credits = $56.00
  • 40 credits = $30
  • 20 credits = $15.99

One minute of text chat with your love interest will cost you one credit. Video chat will double the price for minute. Virtual and real gifts, reading and responding to emails (different to live chat) also costs credits. Certainly not a cheap way to find the love of your life, but think about how much would you spend on your real dates back home. The price looks much lower now.

Don’t forget to uncheck the box for recurring billings if you don’t want to purchase, for example, 1000 credits every month and if you want do things manually at your own pace.

Video Review

Final Verdict

Anastasiadate is as good as it can get with the dating services that allow you to marry Ukrainian beauties. Smoothly working website, vast choice of female members with astonishing visual parameters as well as sharp brain and versatile personalities. The price is the only potential downside of the service, depending on how much you think is enough to spend to love someone and feel loved in return.  

Being careful will help you avoid scammers (besides them being hunted down by the staff) and find only those who match not only your beauty standards but also your vision of a perfect personality. Set the search filter and find your soulmate that is more good-looking than anyone you’ve met before. Easy does it. Good luck!

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Best Reviews

“Met my Vicky on Anastasiadate. I visited her in Lviv; we spent two weeks there. I offered her to be my girlfriend on the roof of House of Legends restaurant with a view on the skyline of the old city. She said yes! God, she even refused to eat for free, and we shared our eating bills 50/50. We went to the Opera house and listened to the orchestra (Cantabile is the name if I recall correctly). Even if Lviv was ten times worse than it is, that Vicky girl would still drive me mad and we would have tons
of stuff to do together. She even played video games with me in one of those gaming bars next to the center! Man, I’m in love.”

Steven K.

“This an amazing website with amazing women. Top-notch services, active profiles, and responsible administrators – it is all I can say about Anastasia Date! I’m going to Ukraine next week, and I’m damn sure I will marry a gorgeous woman soon.”

Mike H.

“My friend used this site, and now I’m jealous as hell. He found that girl, Nastia and now won’t even talk to me. They are skype calling each other like every time I see him. Don’t these friggin Ukrainians even sleep? Good job, Anastasiadate, you’ve robbed me of my friend of 5 years….”

Ashley M.

“Anastasia Date is not the cheapest website to date, but I don’t think that any other platform can compete with it. The design is perfect, the services are perfect, and ladies are perfect too! It is very intuitive to use; all the profiles are active. I do enjoy being a member of Anastasia Date.”

Kirk D.

“I liked Anastasia Date from the very beginning. It is obvious that the site is quality. I recommend it every man that appreciate beauty above all because all the women here are stunningly beautiful!”

Ethan J.

“Man, I’ve never had a feeling when it was HARD to PICK ONE. Most of these girls are like from the magazine covers. Had a chance to see Kyiv (went there for Eurovision in 2017) and I tell you what - one Ukrainian chick is hotter than 20 of American…. They are slim, love to smile, and cook like total goddesses! Anastasiadate is something like whole Ukraine is gathered here for you to pick the beauty you want.”

Carlos M.

“It takes a little to find a soulmate, but a little patience, and you will meet her. I didn’t fall into despair because I knew my lady is somewhere among those stunning beauties. I found her, and we’ve been keeping in touch for a half a year, and a week ago I went to Ukraine to meet her in person. I have never been so happy!”

James N.

“This site was recommended by one of my friends, and it is pretty good. The hot girls on site are nice and are willing to build relationships. Besides I like their app, it is simple enough to have fun.”

Darnell M.

“I met a beautiful and sweet lady from Ukraine. We chatted for over a year, and we finally met face to face. We spent a wonderful two weeks traveling around Ukraine and spending time with her friends. She is in the US on a fiancee visa, and we are making wedding plans. She loves me so much. She won't allow me to do anything around the house and loves to cook for me. Thank you, Anastasia Date!”

Brian H.

“If you take your time to find the person who is most compatible with you and focus on a relationship with that one person then maybe you will find genuine friendship that can turn into Love. I found someone special, so now I will focus on building our relationship. Thanks AnastasiaDate. Good Luck to all of you who are still looking to find that special someone.”

Mickey D.