Elena’s Models review

If you are looking for serious relationships, Elena’s Models website is perfect for you, as all the girls have the same purpose here. Beloved husband, happy family, and home coziness are everything they dream about, and probably you are the one who can make it real for one of them. Elena’s Models aims to help you choose a perfect woman from Russia or Ukraine and promote your relations. This site has a high statistics of successfully created couples, so its popularity grows rapidly.  More than 1 000 000 profiles, search according to selected criteria and advanced mobile app are at your service.

Members of Elena’s Models

The foundress of the platform decided to build a solid bridge between men and women, who are separated by borders and huge distances. You would be amazed to know how many beautiful and tender woman in Russia and Ukraine fail to find their beloved one. Why should you consider them as perfect candidates for the marriage proposal? Firstly, all tourists admit that they have never seen so many beautiful ladies as in Ukraine and Russia. These girls with gorgeous eyes and sensitive lips are slim, polite, and have good manners. Our mentality is not strange for them, but still, their values are slightly different. First of all, women from Eastern Europe try to find fulfillment as a loving wife and good mother, but not to succeed in business and career growth. Therefore, they do not compete with their husbands but show love and care to make them feel needed and happy.

Is Elena’s Models scam?


The website cooperates with marriage agencies, which have many years of experience and good reputation; it is the reason why the platform is protected from scammers. Also, all the women are carefully chosen; private data is protected with SSL-certificate. The communication is simplified due to automatic translation services; moreover, most of the customers are proficient in English. Chats are private and do not pass through the third parties.

Pricing Policy

The registration is free and easy. You have to indicate some information about yourself, and within several seconds, you may view profiles of beautiful women. Elena’s Models offers gold or platinum membership with a flat fee. Gold costs $43 per month, but you can significantly save if you buy a membership for a year; in this case, one month of using costs only $19. Platinum is a bit more expensive ($86,33) and offers more benefits, such as unrestricted video conversations and direct contact details. If you are not going to spend much time on the platform, you may buy separate services (unlimited text chat, video chat, etc.).

Text Reviews

“I’ve spent much time on Elena’s Models, and I have an ambiguous opinion about it. For sure, not all of them are scammers because I had a real date with a girl from the site. Though, she is studying in the US, so I didn’t have to go to Russia. Still, I cannot believe that all of these women are not able to find a boyfriend, so perhaps there are scammers, too.

James Roberts

“Elena’s Models gave me my wife, and I think registration on the site was the best choice in my life. I had never been lucky with women, but Elena’s Models changed it, and I married six months after the registration.

Paul Ramey

“Women who are customers of Elena's Models are really good-looking, but they know their worth. If you are an ordinary man without a solid bank account or model appearance, do not rely on success, and if you have a child, do not even waste your time. Noone from this site will go to your average house in the depth of the country.

Roger Landers

“I found it difficult to interact with Russian women. Perhaps features of the culture are the reason. Russias are passive in relationships. I cannot understand if they try to be modest or they are not interested in your communication. How can I visit such a woman? I have no guarantee she will not disappear, and I do not want to stay alone in foreign country.

Randy Busby

“It is one of the best dating websites since there is no swindling. You need to pay just to use the website; it encourages using of free translating services, while other dating platforms impose their translation services on you and take overwhelming amounts of money for that.

Charles Blyer

“I registered on Elena’s Models because I like slim girls and I’ve heard that Russian women are in good physical shape. Yes, all the ladies on Elena’s Models are thin, but I don’t know if these are real people; yet, I haven’t written to anyone. I’m just skipping through the website.

Matthew Maple

“The website is not scum. I’ve never used better platforms.

James Haffey

“I can say I am an experienced user of Elena's Models so that I can leave a profound review.
Is Elena’s Models a scum?
Definitely not. I talked to many women here, usually we “transferred” our virtual relations to Skype or Hangouts and I have no reason to think that they would like to fool me. I was also a customer of another paid sites, and there I got a bunch of similar messages and invitations from hot women, and I am sure all of them was fake. On this site, you will not face such a suspicious activity. Elena’s Models are oriented toward beautiful women, so you may indicate which features of appearance you want the girl to have, and then, you will have a list of women who fit this. I’ve read that Elena's Models select only model-looking women who speak English. That is a lie to attract customers. I’ve met ordinary women here with overweight, and unlovely faces, and not all the ladies speak English.
What are your chances to find a bride?
That’s kind of a website solely for dates. I had nice conversations, but none of my girlfriends agreed to a meeting referring to a large distance or other reasons. I find it stupid to register on such a website if the distance is a problem for you, so I suppose they just do not want something serious with me because I am just a plumber.

Richard Nickols

“Maintaining a conversation with girls from this website is hard. Yes, they look well, but I see no interest, no questions other than typical. Only a few of them write first. To tell the truth, I felt like I have to entertain them. It is very hard to develop conversations, topics are exhausted quickly. I'd like to stay in touch with an active girl, even though she is not so pretty, so I’ll try other sites to date.

Joshua Denault

“Dating sites were a complete disappointment for me, full of scammers, fakes, or people who have nothing to do and want “just to chat”. Elena’s Models is the best of all I had to deal with. I do believe it cooperates with marriage agencies because all the women are nice and marriage-oriented.

David Allen