Privacy Policy

Being the user of Beauty for Bride service, you provide us your data. The information below explains what the purpose of data collection is and how we use it. Read this article before starting to use our website.

Website visitors

We collect the data which does not reveal your identity, such as a time when you entered our platform, frequency of visits, language, etc. It is needed to improve our services and adapt to the users’ requirements. Received data could be used to create a report, which does not disclose your personal information and do not identify your personality in no way.

Your IP-address could be recorded in our database if you left a comment on the website. It can be disclosed at the request of the state law enforcement agencies and in case of court sessions in order to protect the property or rights of the company. This action is considered to be an extreme measure, and the company does not resort to it without an extreme necessity or if the conflict can be resolved in any other possible way.

Such information as accounts of your social network can be recorded under conditions that requires providing us these data by you. For example, users give us this information to authorize in order to leave a comment.


We respect your privacy and protect your personal data that can be obtained through the website. Remember that any way of transmission and storage of information on the Internet is not 100% reliable and safe. The company applies to all the commercially acceptable methods to protect your data, but still, we do not guarantee the absolute security.


We cooperate with companies that can use our platform to advertise their services or products. The partners may use cookies that recognize your device and show the advertisements, which depend on your previous requests on the Internet.

Links to websites

On our platform, you may find links to other websites. Be adviced that this privacy policy does not apply to them. Read Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of every site which you use regardless of the way in which you learn and visit the site.

Statistics and Analytics

Beauty for Brides uses Google Analytics for collecting information about visiting the site and nature of actions which are made by visitors on the platform. It helps us to understand the effectiveness of our platform and its correspondence to the needs of the target audience. Statistics and reports may be passed to other companies and published publicly, but it does not disclose your personal information.


Beauty for Brides uses cookies in order to provide users with the advertisement that corresponds to their preferences and to facilitate the authorization process. As well, cookies help us to monitor users’ visits and actions. You can refuse cookies before using our website. It can be done in your browser settings, but please note that some features of the website may not work correctly.

If you have not changed cookie settings and continue to use our platform, you permit us to use cookies. We remind you that it does not define your personal data.


Beauty for Brides has the right to amend the Privacy Policy. We agree not to restrict users’ rights without their consent. All the changes to the privacy policy will be displayed on this webpage, which means that users are notified of the changes.